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Create a beautiful pictorial record of your garden that you and your friends can enjoy over the years

Create your garden homepage in just a few minutes:

  • Upload all your existing photos from your computer, phone or tablet quickly and easily onto your garden homepage
  • Organise your photos into different "features" in your garden

Discuss with like-minded gardeners

Primrose Gardens is a community of gardeners, all helping each other out.

  • Get comments on your photos, and comment on other people's
  • Get help with your gardening problems
  • Find inspiration, get hints, and learn tricks from other gardeners just like you

Identify unknown plants

Get help identifying unknown plants in your garden, and help other people identify their unknown plants:

  • Upload existing photos you've taken of unknown plants, and get help identifying
  • Spot something in your garden you don't recognise? Use our mobile apps to take a quick snap

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