We 'inherited' this garden when we bought the bungalow in November 2013. The garden was completely overgrown and hadn't been touched for several years. After many weekends spent digging up wild cherry trees and cutting back brambles we began to see the outline of a potentially lovely garden. We have worked hard on it ever since. It is very much an on-going project but it still satisfying to see it coming together.According to neighbours, many of whom have been here over 50 years, in the late 60's the owner kept a lion and other wild animals in the garden. As unbelievable as this seems, it was apparently quite common in the 60's.  We have unearthed the  base of cages and their bars together with bolts, hinges etc. There are lots of bones buried in the soil. It would seem sensible that these are those of ' food' for the animals rather than the animals themselves. The lion is believed to have gone to Sherwood Zoo, which unfortunately no longer exists. If anyone has any information  about this it would be gratefully accepted.