Many years ago we dedicated our little garden to wildlife and have encouraged birds, bees, bugs by creating a safe haven for them to live, eat, drink, bathe, sleep and breed /nest  in. We do try to plant the garden to help our visitors eg. Teasel and other wildflowers for the bees, and bugs. We have bug hotels and solitary bee hives, muddy areas around our little pond for mason bees, old log piles, 2 bird tables, window feeders, hanging feeders, nesting boxes and bird baths for the birds etc. We have grown an 8 foot tall Ivy hedge where all the residents of the garden can sleep , nest and take cover from danger or bad weather...............We also have cameras on the feeders to watch the birds in the comfort of our home. The cameras are broadcast during daylight hours. I am an amateur photographer and have taken lots of photos of our little residents and visitors. We also have a website dedicated to our garden and its inhabitants and our wildlife webcam.P.S We will be putting many photos of our little garden and "bird" pond  and my very small greenhouse in which My Bonsai tree collection are spending the very cold spells. I shall also show them.