Anchor the gazebos with the gazebo weights
Windproof Gazebos | 14.10.2019

Gazebos are great for outdoor entertainment; they offer protection from unexpected sunshine and drizzle, so that no gathering or outdoor party gets interrupted. Gazebos are quite handy, quick and easy to install; overall they are a great investment for the outdoors and home gardens.

How can the Gazebo be used?

A gazebo is generally the centrepiece of a garden during parties and barbeque dinners; but this stylish outdoor piece can also be used in some other ways:

·       Unwind- A gazebo can be used for unwinding the pressure, you can place an inflatable tub and have your own spa session in the serenity of your garden.

·       Relaxation- It is quite important to relax the mind and body for atleast half an hour every day, so you can convert the gazebo in your garden into an area for yoga, meditation, and for enjoying some leisure time by reading a book away from all the noise.  

·       Lounge- You can convert the gazebo area into a lunging area for partying and chilling with your friends.

·       Play zone- Gazebo can also be turned into a play zone for the little ones, this would help them to get some fresh air and also protect them from the sum while playing.

·       Work purpose- You can create an office inside the gazebo to enjoy the sunny days, especially in winters.

Gazebos are available in a variety of colours, sizes and styles, so finding one is not difficult. But gazebos are anchored down by the gazebo weights which prevent them from blowing away so choosing the right gazebo weight is quite important.

Types of Gazebo weights

Most of the people do not have a problem in looking for a gazebo but in choosing the right weight out of all the gazebo weight. So here are a few important gazebo weights that are suitable for all types of gazebo leg shapes.

·       All season’s gazebo leg weight bags- These leg weight bags are suitable for all kinds of legs as they can be attached by the Velcro straps. These weights are quite versatile and can be used on any kind of gazebo in which has scope for tying a Velcro around the legs. The best part about this gazebo weight is that it can be used for anchoring the gazebo on any surface, it is strong and quite durable, and moreover it is also lightweight.

·       Cast iron weighted feet - These are heavy duty and are perfect for giving that extra stability to the gazebo. Once the cast iron weights are added to the gazebo then they can provide strength to withstand bad weather or any kind of worse situation. However, they cannot be lifted or transported as they are quite heavy, so this is a problem which is not that big and can be easily resolved. The extra weight provided by this is great for anchoring the gazebo and preventing it from lifting away. This weight is ideal for both hard and soft surfaces, it is durable as well as long lasting, properly made but it is difficult to transport.

·       Airwave Gazebo leg weights- These are plastic leg weights and are easy to fill as well as to connect to the gazebo legs. These gazebos are available in sets of 4 and are apt for giving that extra strength. No tools are required to build them; they are also heavy duty and are ideal for hard and soft surfaced. So these weights are easy to use and also ensure that they can be used in even bad weather conditions.

If you want to install a gazebo in the outdoor of your house then these gazebo weights are just perfect.


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