Fibrecotta Planters at Driftwood Garden
Driftwood Garden East Sussex | 17.11.2019

Earlier this year, I posted my first blog for Primrose on the  use of fibrecotta planters in my award winning garden, Driftwood. Some readers may remember the empty cubes on the central steps in the garden. Once planted up they looked amazing throughout the Summer and both the planting, and the containers themselves drew many wonderful comments from our 2000 plus visitors this season.  

Several others were acquired throughout the season and look equally amazing.  Two larger cubes were planted up with a couple of standard holly shrubs I  already had and then underplanted with white geraniums. The pair were stood either side of the main steps up the garden and looked very regal. 

In amongst  the 2000 visitors this year were some from very far afield! Back in May we saw a coach from Austria, en route to Chelsea. In June, 7 ladies from Tokyo, a family of 6 from Beijing in August and a group for lunch from San Francisco in September, all pretty amazing. We also had the most successful year ever for fundraising, with over £18000 raised in 2017. The garden is listed on Trip Advisor and was awarded a “Certificate Of Excellence” in June as well which really helped with visitor numbers. The Great British Gardens website has now listed us as their smallest garden, which is pretty impressive too. Only last week I have received a coach party booking forms a group of visitors from Sweden who are doing all the large Sussex gardens and then taking a trip to  Driftwood too! Another product that went down well and received lots of comments from visitors was the Sunflower cane roll fencing.

I used mine at the front of the house and it created a great backdrop for the sea kale and helped protect it from the strong  winds too. The Primrose poster on it ensured visitors knew where it had come from.

I also received 3 small fibre cotta troughs, which were a perfect fit for a 3-tier shelf unit I had. They were planted up with annuals and some Heuchera Marmalade and Chocolate Ruffles and really looked great all Summer. 

Finally, the 2 very large rectangular troughs were placed under a large camellia in the area behind the house where an old Victorian cart had stood, until it fell apart at the start of the season. Once brimming with annals and shrubs they looked wonderful and almost created a wall of flowers.

As you can imagine, many are now empty again, as the annuals have had to be disposed off, but the containers will be ready to stage a fabulous new show of colour in 2018. We are scheduled to have 14 public open days and be open by arrangement from 1st June to 1st September. So, if you are in Sussex next Summer, why not come and take a look at the garden, full details at

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