Try these 6 amazing ideas to transform your garden
Yardday | 15.11.2019

Does your garden appear to be a little dull and boring recently? If that is so, then your garden spot may need a little transformation. Apparently, gardens are not only intended to be filled with plants and flowers. These areas are also meant to be your relaxing space from the outside city wherein there are so much noise and pollution.

There are a lot of fun and calming activities you could in your garden as long as these areas are very much appealing and can go hand-in-hand with your activities. A good coffee in the morning or an afternoon reading session is only some of the things you could do in your garden.

Now, if you think you are not satisfied with how your garden looks like as of the time being, here are some amazing ideas you could to transform your garden. These hacks and tips are very cheap and affordable yet could result to very wonderful and amazing appearances.

1.    Turn old tires into cool planters

Old tires are one of the things that are always seen on much storage. Some would actually sell these things or even just throw it in the trash. Little did these people know that these tires can be transformed into a great and amazing tool in gardens? One best way you could do with your old tires is to transform them into cool planters.

You only need spray paints, colorful paints, and your desired plants for decoration. The very first thing you need to is to clean these old tires. Once cleaned, paint these tires with different colors, the more colorful they are the better. Hence, try to choose bright and neon colors or anything that goes with your preferences.

When you are done painting them, transfer the plants inside the tires. It could be ornamental, herbs, or vines and place them in your desired location in your garden. You’ll be surprised with how they would appear in totality!

2.    A beautiful and easy-to-make garden lantern

Lighting your garden up can actually transform the whole place into a newer and more attracting garden. However, lighting fixtures can be a bit costly nowadays. Fortunately, there are cheap and convenient ways you could do to light up your garden.

One of the many resources you could utilize is by using old bottles, lights, and colored papers. Initially, clean the bottles, and cut them according to the lighting positions and the wiring. Once you are settled with the bottles, insert then the light bulbs into these bottles.

Subsequently, wrap these bottles with colored papers. You could use paints or spray paints as well to color these bottles.

3.    Mini mushrooms


This would probably the first time you would read or see mini mushrooms as a good form of decoration in your garden. Nevertheless, these things could actually spice up your garden.

You just need concrete cement, plastic bags, and paints by doing this. Mix thoroughly cement and put enough of it in plastic bags. Now, make sure that the plastic bags together with the cement inside are formed into mushroom-head-like. Once the cement is dry, take out the formed concrete and paint it with bright colors.

You may also paint other designs and patterns on these concrete mushrooms if you like. Once you are done painting them, place these concrete mushrooms on the ground or grass considering the lawn care is very much regarded.

4.    Turn old tree stump into mini gardens

By and large, there are actually a lot of things you could do with tree stumps. One of the most amazing ways you could do is to transform them into mini gardens.

Cut tree stumps to your desired height. It is recommendable for you to keep them on a medium height but it would really depend on your preferences. Accordingly, you could paint them if you like or just varnish them for a more rustic look in your garden. Afterwards, place these stumps into one specific location and put your plants on top of each stump.

Other ways you could do is to place the stumps separately. It could be in a linear direction or in a scattered positioning, try to check what would be much better for your garden.

5.    Make an interesting wooden path

Do your pathways in your garden getting pretty dull? Tree stumps could solve this kind of concern of yours. All you need to is to cut into thin slices your tree stumps. Just make sure that you are keeping the circle shapes of these stumps. Once you have already the thin pieces of these stumps, place them now on your pathways.

It is advisable for you to use adhesives but not largely needed. Arrange the stumps into the way they would nicely fit in your paths. You could include pebbles and small stones into the spaces available to add more decorations.

6.    Painted rocks will spruce up any outdoor space

If you have rocks and pebbles in your garden, one best way to transform them is to apparently paint them and arrange these stones according to certain patterns.

The most trending idea nowadays is seen to use different patterns of carpets and mats. Paint your stones and pebbles according to your chosen pattern and arrange them the way it would appear similar to these carpets and mats.

In totality, these 6 amazing ways and hacks could actually transform your garden into a more appealing and attracting appearance without spending too much money, effort, and time.

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