Do Windproof Gazebos Exist?
Shaun's Garden | 16.11.2019

We've all had time off in the summer holidays at some point and wanted to spend more time in the garden.  However, in the U.K the weather is extremely unpredictable, to say the least.

This isn't my garden by the way.  Back to the weather situation.....

As a whole, we all love spending time outdoors when the weather's nice and one particular item is growing more and more in popularity, is the cantilever parasol that you can simply stretch out.

They are very popular in 2019

These come in many shapes, sizes and quality ranges and the latter is where many problems arise.  

As we all know, Primrose Gazebos are good quality gazebos, however, there are still lots of other great brands out there such as the;

  1. Airwave Gazebo 3x3m
  2. All Seasons Gazebo
  3. Coleman Events Shelter

and the list goes on...

What is required from a Popup Gazebo?

The main use for a pop up gazebo is to provide shelter outdoors.  

Whether you buy a gazebo with or without sides it doesn't really matter, it's pretty much a choice the buyer needs to make dependant on their requirements of use.

Above is an image of the Primrose 6x3m Gazebo.  

This is a very large gazebo that can be classed as a marquee but has all the hallmarks of a good quality gazebo.

Unfortunately, as with anything, sometimes the quality is compromised by manufacturers attempting to lower the overall price.

When you find a gazebo that is substantially lower priced than the rest you can normally be assured that somewhere the manufacturer has looked to cut costs and you normally find they have used materials that are of lesser standard and strength.

This is not the case of Primrose gazebos and the same can be said of All Seasons Gazebos, Airwave Gazebos, the Coleman shelter, and a few other brands.  You can understand more about stronger or windproof gazebos on this website.

So in a nutshell, yes Windproof gazebos do exist.  All you need to do is compare the prices of the same sized gazebos and then discard the lower-priced gazebos and then check the reviews just to make sure it's strong because if it's not the buyers soon leave comments if it's either very good or substandard.

Sometimes you can get away with buying a cheaper gazebo and then anchor the legs down with a set of gazebo canopy weights like these


Shaun Bird

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