Spending less in my garden
Shaun's Garden | 15.11.2019

I'll be honest, I love spending money on my garden but my bank manager hates me for it,

Whether it's for all year round services on my gardener or bedding plants or even for garden furniture. I can't help it, I just go mad every year and dive straight into the overdraft and can never then get out of it.

This year I fancy something different but my budget is low and my wife is controlling the spending limits which from experience will be tight...

We're now approaching our 60's and fancy chilling in the garden with the grandchildren so it'll be a case of a few nice plants, patio furniture and after all these years we'll invest in either a soft top or hardtop gazebo, which is stronger and more expensive than the pop up gazebos that you can buy.

I'll be honest though, the wife absolutely is not too keen on outdoor enclosures but once the weather warms up a little I'm sure she'll be won over.

We've had a good look at a few such as ones from the Sunjoy and ABBA Patio range, but it's coming out of my Christmas money so at most I'll have about £300 to spend. 

Once I've put all the money together I might manage some furniture or lights but that'll be at a push.

I'll be updating you shortly on what happens.

Keep reading in a couple of weeks

Shaun Bird

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