4 years ago in Flower bed
I love this colour. The flowers will last two to three weeks. Excellent cut flowers.
The Little Garden That Could  That's quite long any trick to making them stick around?
4 years ago
Our Spring Garden  Naturally long-lasting but I always cut them under water.
4 years ago
Flowerpot  I just bought large Alstromeria plant, same colour, from Charlecote Park last week. Didnt know whether to keep it in pot or plant in ground. Any suggestions please.
4 years ago
Our Spring Garden  Keep in original pot until it needs a larger one. Make sure compost you use is free-draining. Protect from frost.
4 years ago
Our Spring Garden  We protect all our pots with bubble wrap, straw and dried leaves until the Spring.
4 years ago
Flowerpot  Thanks for the advice.....i will do that
3 years, 12 months ago
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